December 1, 2022

HBO marketed work on TikTok utilising the hashtag #HBOMaxsummerintern and obtained 300 applications.(4) The apparel company Hollister also experimented with TikTok to recruit work applicants. They developed a promo video with performer Montana Tucker to encourage purposes for a social media position. Work applicants were encouraged to use the زيادة متابعين تيك توك #HCoHireMe and post a video that brings a tshirt to life.

While you may not be described as a large company like HBO or Hollister, they’re good types of some of the methods you can use hashtags on TikTok to sometimes match a video you are submitting about work or encourage the others to create a video using your hashtag.

Businesses may also post videos giving work search ideas and career advice. When I looked for “career advice” on TikTok, an entire plethora of videos popped up! Those with the best opinions though built the videos engaging. They don’t always need to be comedic, but you want them to be fast-paced and captivating. Videos which are 60 seconds or less are ideal.

TikTok videos can only be 15 seconds long (when producing on TikTok), but you can line 4 15 next videos together. You can make these videos intriguing by adding text, filters, and backgrounds. If you’re stringing 15 next videos together, you may also contemplate applying various backgrounds or shooting them from various locations.

Ok, following reading about all the TikTok recruiting buzz, I thought it was eventually time to take a strong leap in to it. I am not really a TikTok consumer, therefore I thought for the goal of this blog, I should get the application! Upon login, I was immediately blasted with a video.

It took a minute to orient myself as random videos placed on my screen, but soon after I was rapidly navigating around the app. I examined trending hashtags and videos, then suddenly, I found myself laughing aloud! From guys performing dramatic jumps from ledges for pizza rolls awaiting them at home, to a woman producing a video about the co-worker you are annoyed with all through Zoom® meetings, I was simply (and quickly) entertained.

I then decided to have serious, and seek out “career advice”, since that was a recent hashtag trending on TikTok (and that’s possibly a little more applicable with this blog than the usual video featuring someone working house for pizza rolls.) What I thought would be a series of more serious videos, were really more videos that built me giggle out loud! I wasn’t expecting career advice to be equally academic and interesting! Could TikTok actually be described as a good area for recruiters to dabble in to, I thought?

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