December 1, 2022

Now of course it was a festival and so the mud came heavy and rapidly but that did not stop the freestylers from hitting the 32m high 110m extended actual snow jump. This leap was gargantuan, we’re speaing frankly about a jump that has been larger than a home, a jump that’s usually applied every different day of the season to launch dropped angels back to heaven P2001 power station.

Yet these children still wished to leap off it and just what a spectacle it was, with individuals from 14 different countries there is a powerful large air competition. Some of those individuals were as young as 15 and were busting tips like they didn’t want to reside anymore, children these days haven’t any fear.

But wherever was Sunlight World amidst all of this crazy partying you ask? Wherever we always are, at the middle of attention with our good friends from Smartie Partie. With the truck, the DJ’s, the flags, the balloons, the sunshine outfit, if you didn’t place people then you’re perhaps not within 5 miles of this Festival, for we gone all out for the last skiing display this season and boogied till our ski’s sprang off.

We also handled to offer some vacations, trainer class packages and speak to hundreds of willing snow sports enthusiasts. But however, all great parties must arrive at a conclusion and then you have to clean up. Ergo noticing the end of an extremely eventful month, please explanation the pun. So from all of us only at Sunlight World, be careful and hold sliding. Hopefully to help you on the slopes.

If you’re perhaps not there at Battersea energy section this season then you greater see when you can go next. It had been enormously fun, with face reduction reveals from Pendulum’s DJ’s, DJ Yoda, Qemists, Skindred, Scratch Perverts, Hadouken!, Bedouin Soundclash, Level Ronson and the Company International, Duke and Nathan ‘Flutebox’ Lee & The Hospital, Roni Size and MC Jakes, The Blow and many more.

There was enough music to quench any ears desire and if you’re throat was dry you can choose to get a consume from the Desperados Dome, the Budweiser ’66 Après Ski Bar or the Jägermeister Ice Truck, which covered an Ice club that has been super cool but when that cooled you down a lot of, there is many stores from that you could buy a nice new large skiing hat at a low price.

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