How to Develop a Good Parent and School Partnership

The level of success our children can attain depends primarily on us as parents. To be able to give children the support they need, parents must equip themselves with the right tools and information for children to be able to achieve successful lives سایت ایران آموزشگاه.

Do not despair if your child did not get into your first choice school, there are ways in which you can help your child achieve good education grounding in the school they attend. You can turn the admission around by working in partnership with the school to create the right atmosphere and education standard for your child.

As parents, we need to be actively involved in our children’s education, irrespectively of the school they attend be it independent, state or faith school. Research shows that schools are successful when there is the active involvement of parents to get the best out of every child.

Parents need to be aware of how the UK education system works, how schools operates, their policies and what principles govern their academic structure. Your understanding of the school system will help in providing the necessary support for your child to achieve education excellence.

Be aware of what your child is learning in school, teachers make considerable effort by providing regular updates of lesson plans, learning objective and expected outcome. Parent/Teacher evening is also another forum organised by schools to keep parents up to date on their child’s performance.

Parents should make it a matter of duty to attend these sessions as they provide valuable insight into your child’s learning experience. Ask questions about your child’s progress in school, make notes of where additional support is required and work towards higher academic achievement.

Every parent should strive to develop a relationship with their children’s school, support their work and do not be a constant critic. It is important that parents demonstrate support for school policies and strategies used to develop the child’s education.

A parent governor is a very important role in the school. It is part of the school’s governing body which is responsible for the school’s aims, values and ethos. They work in collaboration with the head teacher to decide school policies, management of the school, dealing with education performance and ways to develop and enhance the school’s education output and social relevance.

A lot of parents assume that only professionals can be a school governor – though certain skills will help, all new school governors are provided with appropriate training. The main criterion is to be willing to make a positive impact in the lives of the children in the school. So the next time you want to criticise a school policy, rather ask yourself how you can improve the situation.

Another way you can partner with your child’s school is to volunteer your time on a regular basis. Some school welcome volunteers to assist in the class, it might be for reading sessions, arts and crafts or a simple sing-a-long session. Volunteering in your child’s school has many benefits; it also boosts your child’s morale when you take an interest in their work.

You may also offer your time to accompany the class on school outings; this is a great way of observing your child’s behaviour in an external environment and how he or she relates with others. If you have technical skills, you may help with updating the school’s website or other duties required within the school.

You can also volunteer to make costumes for the school play etc. PTAs are an integral part of schools in the UK, their main objective being to foster a good relationship between the school, parents and community. Many parents volunteer to promote the activities of the PTA within the school.

PTA organise sports club, drama classes, fundraising and other social events. They also provide a forum to discuss education concerns in some schools. It is worth getting involved with the PTA even if you cannot afford regular input, the team will surely appreciate whatever input parents can provide.

There are always innovative ways in which you can get involved in your child’s school. You can also make suggestions for new ideas to be taken on board and implemented in the school. Whatever opportunities the school provides – make sure you do not sit on the fence and be a critic. Always remember that your contribution is vital to your child’s development and achievement in school.

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