Knowledge, the Second Tool of Self-Improvement – Part (1)

Clarification of the opening salvo: From the pen of a fictitious Wal-Mart enthusiast on the consumer must-have flash: “Ok last one! what do you suggest the uncontrollable child within me. I’michael grown up…got children and a mortgage and tremendous large bank card strike out 에볼루션카지노 주소.

I’ve got the newest talking icebox, the newest 90 metre smooth screen T.V. that makes hamburgers and caffe latte in-between professional breaks. I’ve got the newest style Barbie & Ken I-love-me clothes off the pride catwalk at Fopsville, the newest mind subject transporter cell-phone with sanity recall on hold, the newest you beaut super duper electric product messy straight takeoff car, the newest DVD zonc player with multiple free instructions in twenty-five languages, perhaps not forgetting my new 300 horsepower chip-blown handy remote control drive on lawn mower with electric lunch-pack, earpod and extra’s.

Ok last one! and I’ve gathered enough in me international Wall Street share account to travel to the moon and study its craters next year…then the following year, with the repeated flyer points from me moon trip and bank card binge, I have enough to have a large dollar visit to Mars in my Wal-Mart do-it-your-self’ & assemble at home intergalactic ‘Tardis’ and acquire all the scrap from those dud probes and different remote-control junk from N.A.S.T.A.

Ok last one! almost forgot to say me just mounted large dollar double glazing in the house to help keep all the shouting noise pollution from my complaining neighbours when I’michael listening to my twenty thousand w 98 decibel hi-fi and twanging and leaping up and down on me 102 decibel electric guitar and electro fortissimo rainforest drums that.

I produced a week ago on have now and move deaf later phrases of organic credit and just to help keep me live-in partner pleased, I’ve purchased the newest duel purpose time-saver washing machine with inner ironing circuitry and multiple home-entertainment facilities with Web connection for the children while she’s washing and spin drying them together at the same time.

This group of boot camp articulated & presented numerous matter posts, result in the comprehension of what’s wrong with your present human developed facts & lived ideologies. Several of which, are unknowingly producing social chaos, inequality, disunity & depression in Nations.

These posts describe the perhaps not recognized trigger & give you a alternative to show that sorry state of human affairs around. To then also get the religious understanding & way to solve this civilization’s perpetuating social problems & chaos that affect every era and every Nation.

Clarification: Obviously this new information requires patient examine before spreading reasoning, as there are certainly a large amount of phrases to digest prior to the audience starts to create sense of its reality.

Because these records, is nothing beats our provide non-stop press, research and knowledge indoctrinated imperfect information. These supplying its material information, aren’t seeing another side of the physical blackboard of life they’re publishing on. It has information too…non-erasable religious information, unlike our present information.

Starting salvo: About respecting life and this world and perhaps not self-gratification…self-aggrandizement…self-importance…self-indulgence…self-obsession and home anything else to gas our self-esteem, our pride, our sensitive developed I (self) and the material going no-where consumer direction of Society named progress.

Observe the opportunistic out-of-control professional press & marketing fraternity, with a diploma in the misuse of psychology fuelling out-of-control consumerism & emotional disorder in society. Because until we move on from those professional used primordial structured human frailties as adults, we’re not able to evolve more in the yet to be recognized religious Actual Program that underwrites physical life and its evolution.

It is time to create some thought and humility to these used primordial/instinctual self-gratification, conquering, greed, earning, human worshiped, pride driven activities to obtain self-esteem and alleged achievement & happiness.

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