Live streaming: The next big thing in online customer engagement

The pandemic has proven to be a boon for the live streaming industry. It is valued at USD 183.3 billion by 2027. (Source) Though,Guest Posting the credit goes to telecommunication companies for their rapid increase in internet bandwidth Jwtogel.

Consequently, the implementation of data compression and optical fiber connectivity is making seamless live streaming possible for businesses to engage consumers. If customers cannot visit stores, taking the stores to them is a widely adopted concept in the post-pandemic era.

What is live streaming?

In some words, live streaming is quite similar to video calls but provides a 3D view. It allows customer service representatives to respond to potential buyers exclusively in real-time. Businesses effectively leverage live streaming as an online consumer engagement strategy by proffering their products in front of a vast online customer base.

Traditionally, brick-and-mortar stores used to provide excellent customer service. Customers could touch and feel the product virtually and ask questions on the spot. Besides, the representatives could offer tailored recommendations to customers. However, the local stores have limited reach, and the consumers are intimidated to visit crowded places.

In this scenario, businesses are tapping into the potential of live streaming to enhance their online consumer engagement. In no time, it becomes captivating for consumers as it breaks the geographical limitation. Without having to step out of the house, customers can do live shopping online.

The goal is to deliver a store-like phygital (physical + digital) shopping experience exceeding geographical boundaries. Today’s shoppers want transparent and self-serving online customer support. Therefore, brands are implementing live stream shopping and engaging their target audience better with their product.

How can live streaming enhance digital customer engagement?

Live streaming is an excellent way for businesses to connect with consumers in real-time. Allow the audience to join your live stream and grow their interest in the showcased product. Besides, answering their questions live builds trust between the brand and consumers. Let us dig deep and explore how live streaming can enhance digital customer engagement.

Approaching Gen Z customers

Gen Z consumers are more active online. Live streaming allows brands to connect with the modern audience effectively. The real-time customer engagement suits these Gen Z consumers who spend their time online, mostly.

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