Media: Guerrilla Games may be working on a multiplayer game based on Horizon

The developers from Guerrilla Games have long dreamed of introducing a multiplayer aspect to Horizon. Initially, the co-op was planned for the first Zero Dawn game, but it did not work out. Now, judging by the openings of the studio, the team is going to realize the dream again.

The company is looking for the following specialists:

  • Senior Social Systems Designer – the right candidate must love working with the community and come up with new ways for people to interact with each other within the game. You’ll also need to create mechanics and features by which gamers will group together in guild-like groups to explore the environment together.
  • Staff Writer – Applicants will be expected to have extensive experience working on stories in open-world RPGs, online games and MMORPGs in order to engage in narrative design and create tasks and descriptions for them. A VGC reporter specifies, however, that the position may have something to do with another project.

According to VGC’s sources, Guerrilla dropped the multiplayer component in the first Horizon, so that the developers could focus on other sides of the game. There were rumors that the feature will appear in Forbidden West. This was indirectly suggested by the events of the official Sunhawk comic book – Eloi’s wanderings in the Forbidden West could be joined by Talana as a second playable character. However, according to the developers, nothing of the kind is planned in the second part.

Sources told VGC that Sony was interested in introducing co-op in the sequel. Guerrilla, on the other hand, decided to save the mechanics for the next project, which could be either a separate online branch in the Horizon setting, or a threequel.

What we know for sure, it’s Forbidden West release date – the action game will be available on February 18, 2022 on both PlayStation. You can already pre-order it, and when you buy the game on PS4, the non-extgen upgrade will be free.

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