The Case For Telepathy

When J.B. Rhine, who founded the Parapsychology research at Duke College did his ESP tests, he used the Zener cards. He might have a sender and radio sitting at a desk other one another with a divider between them. The results of the tests were inconclusive alien lab disposable.

When he found a subject who tested as much as twice around regular chance, following checks utilizing the same cards eventually even lowered the outcome under chance. A clear conclusion was that the matters would become bored and would eliminate their concentration.

So let’s get telepathy a step farther and include in the meaning “religious entity” along with “person.” Many people expression that “channeling,” but really it’s exactly the same thing. In place of taking a look at a card and wanting to deliver a picture of it, full phrases are sent.

When I began to get telepathic communications in 2005, it was initially with an income person-except he was residing in the 1600s as an National Indian Shaman in the western area of the United States (time can be an illusion for people, but that’s still another story). I’d find he’s part of my soul class or “cluster” as my own Guardian Angel, whom I named Theo would explain.

I’d get on to question tens and thousands of issues ever since then, and Theo would explain that these telepathic messages are submitted what he termed “thought boxes,” obtained through the best area of our brain and “filtered” according to our background, training, and belief system. As an example, it’s almost impossible for me to get medical information, as my degree is in business finance. Any issues I question on a medical level should be “dumbed down” for my reception.

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